Update on PAS 1188

The British Standards Institution has reviewed the specifications for testing flood protection products. In short, the amount of leakage permitted on  building aperture products, such as door guards and flood doors, has reduced from one litre to only 500ml of water per hour per metre of the width of the aperture.

We’ve updated our guidance (as well as the links in it) to reflect these changes.

From Best Practice to Common Practice: Workshop Results

The University of Manchester’s Strategic Research Investment Fund kindly provided the support for two user  workshops.

The first was held at The University of Manchester on May 20th 2014 and was attended by 18 local authority, government agencies and community groups who work on flood risk management. The second workshop, held in London on June 5th, was attended by twelve representatives from local authorities, flood protection organisations and community flood groups.


Ketso, a tool for engagement, was used to structure the workshops. Each workshop lasted for four hours that our participants discussed opportunities and challenges in future flood risk management as well as how we could enhance the Six Steps to Flood Resilience.

The project team identified six themes that participants were asked for input on.

  • Tools and technologies
  • Behaviour and attitudes
  • From good practice to common practice
  • Policy framework
  • Links to flood risk management
  • The Six Steps Guidance

The full can be downloaded here:

London Workshop

Manchester Workshop